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garendon fire 001Latest articles. caldwell coat of armsAdditions in October 2019 include the school punishment book from the 1960s, gamekeeper records from 1895 -1900 and a brief biopic of Charles Farrow - who went from framework knitter to publican. Also a link to a web article about Garendon Hall which includes a video of the fire which destroyed the building in 1964. Completed in August 2019 is a comprehensive history of the Caldwell family. Earlier in 2019, additions included a land and property sale in 1874 and the sale of cottages to Hathern Co-op in 1873, "Murder in Paradise" (well Argentina actually), "The Soar Valley or the Eye Soar Valley", "Wicked Hathern - No more" and the 1939 Register of residents taken at the start of the second world war showing details all the family members in each house, a fascinating look into the fairly recent past. Another article worth looking at is a dissertation testing the hypothesis put forward by a magistrate in 1859 that 'Hathern is a place given over bodily to the Devil; its past praying for'

Latest Pictures. school football team 1972These have been added to the front of various galleries. Over 40 new photos have been added in October 2019. These include pictures of shooting parties on Garendon estate, Normanton Ferry in 1912, the Loughborough marathon of 1908 won by our very own Jack Screaton, the Quorn Hunt from the 1900s. events bus trip h283 001Also a bus trip from the 1950s - but where to ? and a family at the Elms in 1912. Also many more pictures received from Hathern school,  another picture of the Kelhams in Hathern band and Mr. Van Houten and his steam engine. We need your help with some of them. Some of the more recent school group photos can be found on this facebook group run by Mell Bell We went to Hathern C of E Primary School

Residence. Latest additions to the  "Residence " menu are the Electoral Rolls of - 1921, 1927 and 1930. Women had been given the vote in 1918 but had to be over 30 and did not vote on the same terms as men (over 21) until 1928. Thus the increase in eligible voters in Hathern from 588 on the 1921 roll to 815 on the 1930 roll. 

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