New articles continue to be added during the lockdown as indicated below. Also another photo (front and back) has been added to the article on Ernest Antill, Hathern's own itinerant Victorian photographer.

  • Healthy Hathern

    19 October 2020 News and Journal articles
    In the Leicester Daily Post of June 6th 1914 Hathern was declared as the second healthiest village in Leicestershire (Old Wigston was the healthiest). This was despite the dire state of the...
  • De Lisle's have a garage sale in 1879

    07 October 2020 Original articles
      In the summer of 1879 there was an auction at the King's Head, Loughborough of freehold property in Hathern and Shepshed. This was widely advertised in the press leading up to this occasion for...
  • Hathern lady shares in windfall from long lost brother

    02 September 2020 Original articles
      This is  the headline from the local paper in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on March 19th 1932. Henry Sirrell had died intestate four years previously and had no known relatives. Unless next of kin could...
  • Swallow Walk estate built 1960s

    29 August 2020 Local records
    In the 1960s a large number of new houses were built on the East side of the village with access provided from Gladstone Street, Wide Street,Tanners Lane and Anchor Lane. Most of the land had...
  • Death and disease in Victorian Hathern

    29 August 2020 Original articles
    Opium-derived drugs (opiates) include heroin, morphine and codeine. They were marketed and used to treat teething from perhaps as early as the 1700s, By the mid-1800s, tincture of opium (AKA...
  • 19 the Leys. Saved from demolition

    19 August 2020 Original articles
    On the left is a photo of 19 The Leys as it was a few years back (from our gallery of streets and houses). Since then new houses have been built on the quite large area of land that it occupied and...
  • Housing shortage 1919

    18 August 2020 News and Journal articles
    Housing shortage 1919 Here are two articles from the summer of 1919 in which the Parish Council discuss the question of housing provision by the District Council to villages including Belton and...
  • Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

    16 August 2020 News and Journal articles
    In June 1897 the country celebrated the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria. A bank holiday was declared for Tuesday June 22nd and hundreds of thousands watched the royal parade in London. In Hathern,...
  • George Marcus Hollis - headmaster

    12 August 2020 Original articles
    Here you can see a profile by Kay Hughes of Hathern's much-loved headmaster George Marc Hollis after whom Hollis Way is named. Mr. Hollis was headmaster from 1954 to 1970.
  • Farming in Hathern through the ages

    29 June 2020 Original articles
    Here is a link to an article written by Andree Bagley of Hathern History Society in June 2020 which describes agricultural practices up to the Saxon period in England and the East Midlands. These practices led...
  • Gardenia Tea Rooms : the Tollingtons and Fishers

    05 May 2020 Original articles
    In our book 'Hathern Remembered' you can read all about the Gardenia Tea Rooms a business created by James Fisher and his wife Evelyn, née Tollington. The information about the Tea Rooms was...
  • House plaques in Hathern

    29 April 2020 Local records records dated buildings and cornerstones. Here is an extract from their website showing some Hathern Houses.
  • Alex Dalgano's amazing hair oil

    28 April 2020 Original articles
    In the 1920 and 1921 a series of ads started appearing in the Nottingham Journal advertising 'Alex Dalgarno's hair fertiliser' which claimed succesful results for thousands of people all over the...
  • Bungalow estate and POW camps in Garendon Park

    26 April 2020 Original articles
    The Hathern Street Directory of 1951-52 listed the residents of the Hathern Bungalow Estate: what was it and where was it? The "Bungalow Estate" was emergency housing created in 1949 from buildings...
  • Kaiapoi cottage connection to the Moody family

    19 April 2020 Original articles
      As you enter Hathern from Loughborough just after the new estate on the right you will see three connected cottages - numbers 154, 152 and 150 Loughborough Road.  Until recently these were on the edge...
  • Maps 1899 1883 1921 1963

    04 April 2020 Local records
    Hathern Ordnance Survey maps of the village. These are at a scale 1 to 25,00 (just over 25 inches to one mile).Unfortunately some allowance has had to be made for the fact that the most southern tip...
  • Vehicle hits Cross 1995

    24 February 2020 News and Journal articles
  • Thriving village with hosiery connection

    24 February 2020 News and Journal articles
  • Church weathercock restored in 1989

    23 February 2020 News and Journal articles
    Restoration work by Peter Allen. Echo article October 14th 1989
  • Fire warning to Hathern residents

    18 February 2020 Local records
    In 1858, Thomas Brooks was appointed 'pinder' (a dog catcher and pound keeper, or someone in charge of the pinfold') and issued the following warning of fire to people renting tenements on the waste...
  • Manorial records

    18 February 2020 Local records
    On this website you can see the manorial roll for Hathern in 1765. This link mentions that there are other rolls for Hathern in the Debyshire Records Office and Leicestershire Records Office which...
  • PTA carnival 1986

    27 January 2020 News and Journal articles
  • Boys play with live grenade

    27 January 2020 News and Journal articles
  • Framework knitting shops in Hathern

    16 January 2020 Original articles
    The Framework Knitting Industry in Hathern (please note this is a work in progress) From as early as the mid-17th century some Hathern residents were making their living from machine knitting:- when Mary...
  • Historic England - listed buildings in and around Hathern

    15 January 2020 Web links
    A search for 'Hathern' on the gives the following results of places in and around Hathern or with a Hathern (Hathernware) connection :- Hathern War Memorial ...First World War...
  • John Bramley's war story

    14 January 2020 Local publications
    At the school photograph exhibition in January 2020, Mr. Arthur Bunker once of Hathern provided the following article from the Hathern Herald of June - August 2006. It describes the John Bramley's...
  • Memories of Hathern Band

    14 January 2020 News and Journal articles
      The following two pictures (already in our 'clubs and society' picture gallery) were amongst the photos shown in Loughborough Echo articles from November 11th and 25th 2015. The rest of the articles...
  • Land and population 1801 to 1851

    16 November 2019 Original articles
    Below you can find a link to a 1993 thesis examining land ownership and population changes in the first half of the nineteenth century in Hathern compared with Long Whatton, Quorn and Kegworth. ...
  • Rise and fall of glove-making in Hathern

    12 November 2019 Original articles
    Recently some new photos have been uncovered which include the site of a glove-making 'factory' on Green Hill Rise just past the old Catholic Church. The picture shows the back of the workshop where...
  • Hathern Faience and Terracotta in Belfast store

    11 November 2019 News and Journal articles
    This is the magnificent new building for Montague Burton in Ann Street Belfast in 1933. The description is taken from the Belfast Newsletter of August 25th. 'BURTONS’ BUILDINGS ARE WELL DRESSED IN...
  • Early wills - was Shakespeare from Hathern ?

    06 November 2019 News and Journal articles
    Below you can see a newspaper article (date unknown) looking into sixteenth century wills from Hathern people namely the Keightleys and Fishers, Robert Shakespeyre, and William Warde. From the Frank...
  • Warbis - all the sketches

    05 November 2019 News and Journal articles
    Alfred Warbis was a noted artist who between 1950 and 1970 supplied sketches of houses in several Leicestershire villages. More recently his son created a website containing many of these sketches...
  • Where was the Tannery in Tanners Lane ? The evidence

    02 November 2019 Original articles
    In the mid C19th the last leather tanner in Hathern, Mr. Richard Smith was declared bankrupt and was forced to sell his property and fixtures.This marked the end of a trade that started hundreds of...

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