In  Vol IV of "A tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain : divided into journeys" by Clement Crutwell, there is the following statement "At Hether, or Hathern, was a preceptory of knights hospitallers, founded by Ralph de Gresley before the reigh of King John". The book was published in 1806. In Wikipedia a preceptory is explained thus :- Christian military orders. A preceptor was historically in charge of a preceptory, the headquarters of certain orders of monastic knights, such as the Knights Hospitaller and Knights Templar, within a given geographical area.[1] The preceptor had supreme control of his brethren and was only answerable to the grand master of his particular order. A preceptory's main focus would be its church and accommodation for the brethren. On closer investigation however it appears that the village in question was Heather.

Another reference  to Hathern is made  in the book "Society and Homicide in 13th century England" by  James Buchanan Given,  as follows :- "Town officials on occasion made efforts  to weed out the criminals who had taken refuge within the walls  who had come to town to dispose of their goods .when John of Hathern,  John of Crowley ,the parson of Heyford in Oxfordshire,  William Bruning,  Robert Christopher  of Thurmaston,  and John the parson of Crowley came to Leicester  in  1306 with a large amount of stolen goods , the town bailiffs tried to arrest them. in the ensuing fight, they managed to escape, killing Bate Geryn'sgroom as they fled.  The booty they were forced to abandon was valued at  5 pounds 10 shillings and  and a half pence". Again, there is no other evidence to suggest this was in fact Hathern.

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