This website is constantly being updated with new information.

Latest articles. Notable recent additions include the 1939 Register of residents taken at the start of the second world war showing details all the family members in each house, a fascinating look into the fairly recent past. Another article worth looking at is a dissertation testing the hypothesis put forward by a magistrate in 1859 that 'Hathern is a place given over bodily to the Devil; its past praying for..'

Latest Pictures. These have been added to the various galleries. Notable additions during 2018 include women munition workers at Hathern Terracotta Works in 1918, a Sunday School gathering at the Rectory and a Baptist Chapel outing, both from the 1950s. Can you help with the missing names ?

Residence. Three further electoral rolls have been added to the "Residence " menu - 1921, 1927 and 1930. Women had been given the vote in 1918 but had to be over 30 and did not vote on the same terms as men (over 21) until 1928. Thus the increase in eligible voters in Hathern from 588 on the 1921 roll to 815 on the 1930 roll. 

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